Free OpenAPI Editor & API Designer Tool Online

Build web APIs with a powerful, free visual OpenAPI Specification editor that allows you to create API designs and share within minutes

Stoplight provides free API design tooling for anyone building REST APIs. Describe your RESTful API architecture design using the OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) and Stoplight’s visual editor. Stoplight’s free API designer and API editor makes your OpenAPI Specification the single source of truth within your organization, which enables you to build consistent and standardized APIs across your organization. Using our free API design tool, you are able to describe endpoints, headers, bodies, multiple responses, query string parameters, shared models, and much more.

It can be hard to write JSON or YAML in a specification language you don’t really know. Stoplight’s visual OpenAPI editor doesn’t require you to be an OpenAPI expert to design APIs for your internal web services and external APIs. Model complex APIs faster than ever before using our OpenAPI designer. No code is required when using the schema designer, increasing bandwidth and saving valuable engineering time.

At the same time, you still have full access to JSON Schema while modeling your API and can quickly jump between the visual UI and code editor. The code editor can be useful for searching within a specification and bulk editing while the visual editor helps you quickly bootstrap your API design.

Good APIs are more than just good docs. Good API design is what makes the difference. Stoplight empowers teams to build more standardized and consistent web APIs with a visual interface, generated documentation, instant mock servers, testing tools, and a centralized API development platform. Designing, testing, and documenting APIs with the Stoplight platform can ensure APIs are built the way they are designed and meet the requirements of internal and external stakeholders.

Design & Document APIs with Stoplight