API excellence made easy.

All of the benefits of innovation without the headaches.

Create a Successful API Program

Take a proactive approach with your API programs to efficiently create consistent productivity and avoid the underbelly of delays and overages.

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Reduce Risk and Improve ROI

Connected Software is mandatory for today’s consumers. Avoid disorganized development efforts that cause significant risk and lower return on investment.

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Design Your APIs D.R.Y.

With visibility into your entire API catalog, OAS standards, and the ability to reuse models and components, effortlessly create high-quality APIs every time.

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What is Stoplight Platform?

Built with the modern API workflow in mind, Stoplight brings an intuitive interface and thoughtful features to power your complete API design lifecycle. The Stoplight Platform empowers technical and non-technical stakeholders to create and collaborate on API designs in OpenAPI and JSON Schema using an intuitive interface.

Get started for free or pick the plan that’s right for you and your organization — from individual to professional team options. Whether you work with one or 1,000 APIs and with internal, external, or a mix of collaborators, we've made sharing APIs, tracking changes, managing dependencies, and using style guides a breeze.

Here are a few key benefits of Stoplight Platform...

Easily design and document APIs.

Create, prototype, and share OpenAPI descriptions and JSON Schemas using a visual editor. World-class docs are automatically generated with editable markdown.

Encourage consistency and reuse.

Optimize development across small and large API teams with best-in-class guidelines and a component library. Obtain easy access to Style Guides and reusable components.

Enhanced collaboration.

Collaborate on API designs and documentation in a central source of truth on top of Git. Engage in tracked comments on designs in the Stoplight Editor. Integrate comments into your current workflow.

API documentation with a delightful developer experience.

Create a collection of up-to-date API design assets like OpenAPI descriptions, JSON Schemas, and documentation from your favorite VCS. Search, reuse, and govern APIs.

Maintain a central source of truth.

Build internal and external APIs with a central repository for all your API design assets. Easily discover existing OpenAPI specs from across your system to manage inside the Stoplight Platform.

OpenAPI-powered mock servers for faster development.

Let your frontend and backend teams develop with hosted mock servers. Stoplight complements your workflow by creating mock servers from API descriptions.

API programs at enterprise scale.

For large development teams, custom pricing, and support, Stoplight Enterprise is available on an annual contract basis. Stoplight Enterprise transforms API development across your organization through a design-first approach that leads to consistent, high-quality APIs, while reducing risk and increasing innovation.

With the Enterprise plan, you can:

Scale API design efforts across multiple teams with a solution that fits seamlessly into your existing workflows
Generate beautiful interactive documentation to provide a consistent experience for consumers of your APIs, fostering faster adoption and higher satisfaction
Navigate APIs at scale by keeping your design artifacts in a central repository
Provide company-wide visibility to your APIs with flexible permissions
Enforce standards to reduce risk
Promote high-quality design across your program with built-in style guides
Try Stoplight for free today.