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We value the open-source developer community here at Stoplight — it’s how we got our start and continue to contribute and innovate. That's why we continue to offer open-source tools that have pioneered API mocking, linting, and new standards of API documentation.

The Goal: Empower the global developer community to accelerate API innovation.

If you're looking for a full range of three best-in-class API design and documentation functionalities, Stoplight Platform is available in a variety of subscription tiers.

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Get started with Stoplight's open-source tools.

Stoplight's commitment to the open-source community has led to the creation of widely adopted tools, with contributions from developers all over the world and utilized by thousands of organizations. Prism, Spectral, and Elements are our flagship open-source projects and we value contributions that help us all propel API design and development to new heights.


Accelerate your API development with Prism, a powerful open-source HTTP mock and proxy server. Create realistic mock servers driven by OpenAPI documents and speed up your API development process.

Mock with Prism

Optimize the quality of your API data with Spectral, an open-source JSON/YAML linter. Automate validation and linting warnings for streamlined workflows. Get started with ready-to-use style guides for OpenAPI and AsyncAPI.

Lint with Spectral

Transform your API documentation with Elements, offering highly customizable and interactive embeddable web documentation generated from OpenAPI documents. Enhance user experience and developer engagement.

Document with Elements