Open-Source API Tools, Brought to You by Stoplight

We believe in benefiting the entire developer community, which is why we offer open-source tools to meet your API mocking, linting, and documentation needs.


Why We Value Open Source

Benefiting the larger developer community, worldwide.

Our Positioning

Stoplight’s relationship and collaboration with the open-source community have enabled our company to develop several widely adopted tools that are now used by thousands of organizations, including large, multinational companies such as Schneider Electric. Prism, Spectral, and Elements are our biggest contributions to open-source API development.

Prism - Mocking

Prism, an Open-Source HTTP Mock & Proxy Server, allows you to accelerate API development with realistic mock servers, powered by OpenAPI documents.

Elements - Documentation

Build highly customized, interactive API Docs with embeddable web components generated from OpenAPI documents.

Spectral - Linting

Spectral, an Open-Source JSON/YAML Linter, improves the quality of your API descriptions, Kubernetes config, GitHub Actions, or any other JSON/YAML data. Automate your validation & linting warnings.