Stoplight Support Policy

Last updated: June 16, 2021

Stoplight shall provide application Support services for the Stoplight Platform in accordance with the terms of this policy. Stoplight will provide a combination of self-service portal-based support on errors or abnormal behavior of the Stoplight Platform (“Incidents”). Users may contact Stoplight by accessing the Stoplight Support Portal ( at any time, 24 x 7 x 365. Stoplight staff will be available for live-answer /online support between the hours of 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST. Support will be provided in English.

Support requests must be initiated through the Stoplight Support Portal to be entered into the Incident tracker system and for Target Response Times to apply. Support is provided for the Stoplight Platform deployed in the SaaS production environment based on Stoplight’s continuous deployment cycle.

Stoplight Support’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Triage/Troubleshooting issues related to the Stoplight Licensed Software.
  • Reproducing product defects and aiding in alternative solutions or workarounds to help maintain stability until a defect is addressed/corrected.
  • Guidance around implementation and configuration.
  • OpenSource support - Prism, Spectral and Elements: support provided for the latest major version of the unmodified open source product.

The following is not included in the scope of support:

  • Training
  • Customers without a valid Subscription
  • End of Life, Beta, Release Candidate, or Development releases

Stoplight Support is available Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm CST.

Please note that once a ticket is logged with Stoplight Support and should we require additional information or a response from the customer with regards to that ticket, we will attempt to reach the customer 2 times before we will resolve the ticket. Stoplight Support will wait a period of 3 business days following the first request for response, indicating that the ticket will be placed on hold until we receive the information requested, if no response is received we will issue a further request, if after 3 more business days still no response is received the ticket will be set to “Solved”, you will then have 3 business days to re‐open the incident before the incident will automatically go into “closed” state. Should contact be made after this point a new ticket will be logged. Tickets can be placed on hold at the customer request to cover reasonable long periods of accepted inactivity/communication.

An Incident may be escalated by ticket requester, Stoplight associates or Support Leadership. To escalate an issue you may go to the Self-Service portal, select the incident to escalate and add a comment requesting an escalation. Once the ticket is escalated, Stoplight Support will flag the ticket as escalated so that the Support Analyst will easily know about the escalation status of the ticket. Throughout the resolution process, the Support Manager or ticket owner will communicate updates accordingly to the requester of the ticket and other contacts that have been added to the ticket.

Your cooperation and effort are necessary to provide you with the quality of service you desire—it is only by working together that we can ensure our customers receive the most value from Stoplight Support. If at any time during the resolution of a ticket a customer is unable to meet designated commitments or requirements, support may be suspended on the ticket until requirements can be met and a scheduled course of action arranged.

The following chart serves as a guide to understand how Stoplight Support assigns each Incident a Priority, as well as the Initial Response Time you can expect. An Incident is an unplanned interruption or reduction in quality of service. Please note that “Response Time” does not necessarily mean the amount of time it takes to resolve or close an issue; it does, however, reflect how much time it takes for Stoplight to acknowledge and provide an initial response to the issue on best effort.

Priority LevelDescriptionCharacteristicsTarget Response Time
P1 (Urgent)Production Stoplight application is down or is encountering a major malfunction that is affecting business and a high number of staffCritical functionality is unavailable. High number of end users unable to work4 business hours
P2 (High)Production Stoplight application is experiencing serious degradation in performance or functionalityMajor performance degradation. Major functionality unavailable. Low number of end users unable to work8 business hours
P3 (Normal)Production Stoplight application issue that has a moderate impact on business or functionalitySome application functionality is unavailable. Minor performance degradation. Low number of users affected.24 business hours
P4 (Low)All other issues or questions with limited business impactIncorrect or undocumented behavior. Product question. Feature/enhancement request.48 business hours

Stoplight Support Guidelines (Standard – June 2021)