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“We produce 400 APIs per year and reduced development time by 50% in the design period.”

Technical Architect, Amadeus

“Every new API runs through Stoplight. We really consider it our source of truth at this point.”

Senior Technology Architect, Telus

“Our team roughly saves 15-20 hours a week. We’re pretty impressed with Stoplight as a whole.”

Developer Experience Manager, Zoom

API-First Companies Love Stoplight

Stoplight provides a clean user interface and enables an engineering team to develop a compliant API with minimal difficulty. Other tools don't provide the same details, guard rails, and error validation that Stoplight provides.

Felix Sargent

Director of Engineering, Media Math

Stoplight is our tool to facilitate the creation of the design document, and the collaboration around it. Running OpenAPI by hand is a little bit tedious—Stoplight helps with Stoplight Studio. We use the visual editor to quickly write OpenAPI.

Dmitry Pashkevich

Application Architect, Calendly

Stoplight has been a serious game changer for JumpCloud’s API development! We love all the rich design, documentation and testing features, which has enabled us to design awesome APIs for our customers.

John Vajda

Product Manager, JumpCloud

Our team roughly saves 15-20 hours a week. It makes it quicker to write, and the review process is quicker as well because we can go in and everybody can see the edits. We're pretty impressed with Stoplight as a whole.

Tim Slagle

Manager of Developer Advocacy, Zoom

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