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Arkéa has been involved in open banking for several years by providing white label banking services and saw PSD2 as an opportunity to extend their open banking features. To further their open banking offerings, they needed to deploy 10-15 additional APIs to accelerate the digitization of their bank.


AppointmentPlus was managing multiple APIs built by different teams, at different times, with different strategies and intents. Some of their APIs were documented as PDFs, not documented at all, or were documented using a custom solution.

Bo Development

Bodev was looking for an API Design and Documentation tool that allowed them to create internal API documentation geared towards developers with an integrated method for creating technical documentation for clients. Most of the existing products only solved one of the two problems in depth.

GFT Technology

GFT Technology was looking for an API Design tool that promoted and allowed for collaboration between technical and non-technical staff.


Huday was experiencing issues managing a large amount of specifications for their services and the corresponding documentation and they worried that merging all these files down the road would be painful and unsustainable.


Namely’s chief objective was to adopt API Design First principles. As they brainstormed the application of their new principle they stumbled upon the importance of having reliable, up to date, documentation.


Pepipost wanted a tool that would assist them in the development and maintenance of a number of existing and upcoming APIs with corresponding documentation.

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