Calendly Case Study

Hear from Dmitry Pashkevich of Calendly, and how they used the Stoplight Platform to transform their organization's API strategy.

Business/Productivity Software
Atlanta, GA

Calendly is an easy scheduling platform that helps teams and individuals coordinate calendars. They’re also happy Stoplight customers.

"Stoplight is our tool to facilitate the creation of the design document, and the collaboration around it. Running OpenAPI by hand is a little bit tedious—Stoplight helps with Stoplight Studio. We use the visual editor to quickly write OpenAPI" - Dmitry Pashkevich, Application Architect

In this case study, we spoke with Dmitry Pashkevich, an Application Architect at Calendly, about building a new API platform using a design-first approach. Dimitri focuses on Calendly’s integration workflows, product automation features, and public API platform.

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