Design Web API Using Our Web API Design Tool & Learn How To Design A Good API

Build web APIs with a collaborative, powerful, visual editor that allows you to prototype and share your API within minutes

Stoplight provides web-based API design tooling for anyone building REST APIs and designing APIs for the web. Use the OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) with Stoplight’s visual editor to design consistent and standardized REST APIs for your organization. Our tools can make your OpenAPI Specification the single source of truth within your organization. Describe endpoints, headers, bodies, multiple responses, query string parameters, shared models, and much more.

You don’t need to be an OpenAPI expert to create RESTful API designs for your internal web services and external APIs. Model complex APIs and design web API faster than ever before, increasing engineering bandwidth and saving valuable time. No code is required when using the schema designer, so you can focus on your design and less on HTTP.

With Stoplight’s enterprise-ready API Design tool, teams can collaboratively design REST APIs together. Hosted mock servers, powered by Prism, allow your teams to design APIs and receive feedback on API prototypes simultaneously. With features such as discussions and auto-generated documentation, you can bring more people into the API design process. Mocking allows backend and frontend engineerings teams to work in tandem building APIs, increasing efficiency and saving valuable engineering time. Collaborative tools like discussions bring different team members into the API development process increasing organization-wide communication.

Shared models and properties reduce duplication and promote reuse of data models within an organization. Custom style and validation rules can help make sure your API designs match your teams own unique API style guides.

Your API design should answer the following questions:

  • What are the different resources and operations available in your API?
  • How does your API authenticate requests?
  • What are the different data models associated with your service?
  • How does your API handle errors?
  • And even possibly, what are the business and product goals for your API?

The full API lifecycle must be tied to business goals. Your API is a product within your whole business offering. Why are you designing that API? What business goals is it contributing to? What customer pain point does it solve? Good design-first APIs start with defining your value proposition and identifying the stakeholders that it matters to. Then the API design can help you achieve these goals.

Good API Design is more than just good docs. Stoplight empowers teams to build more standardized and consistent RESTful APIs. Designing, testing, and documenting APIs through the platform can help ensure you meet critical business goals, industry, and regulatory requirements. Designing APIs in Stoplight can ensure APIs are built the way they are designed and meet the requirements of stakeholders.

Design & Document APIs with Stoplight