Plans That Suit Your API Program

Design and documentation basics to get started


Up to 10 Users
Up to 5 Projects
OpenAPI/JSON Schema Visual Designer
Instant Mock Servers
API Style Guides
Interactive Docs on Custom Domain
Advanced documentation and design for API teams


$8/additional user
Everything in Free
5 Users Included
Up to 50 Projects
Multi-Branch Support
Up to 1000 Changelogs
Domain Capture
Governance, visbility, and reuse to deliver consistency and quality


$24/additional user
Everything in Starter
10 Users Included
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Changelogs
Guest Access
Remove Stoplight Branding
Dependency Tracking
Self Hosted Git Providers
Security, best-in-class support, and flexible deployment for enterprises
Contact Us
Everything in Professional
Unlimited Guest Access
Self-Hosted Deployment
Multiple Git & Auth Providers
Customer Success Manager
Custom Terms
Vendor Security Forms

Leading Organizations Trust Stoplight with their APIs

Deutsche Bank
Feature Breakdown by Plan

API Design

API Mocking

API Documentation

API Visibility & Governance

Consistency & Quality



Support & Deployment

Studio Web
Studio Desktop
OpenAPI/JSON Schema Visual Designer
Switch between Visual and Code View
Schema Reuse
Design Validation
Git Sync
Documentation Editor
OpenAPI Export
Local Mock Servers
Automatic Mock Servers
Configurable Response Type
Dynamic Response Generation
Interactive API Docs
API Console (Try it out)
Rich Markdown Articles
Code Generation
Git Sync
Custom Domains
Automatic SSL
Unlimited Documentation Views
Remove Stoplight Branding
Technical Knowledge Base
Git Integration (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)
Auto Discovery
Search and Filter
Star API Artifacts
Last 200 Automatic Changelogs
Last 1000 Automatic Changelogs
Multi-Branch Support
Unlimited Automatic Changelogs
Dependency Graph
API Style Guides
Design Libraries
Model Masking
Stoplight CLI
Cloud Git Providers
Self Hosted Git Providers
Multiple Git or Auth Providers
User Management & RBAC
Per Project User Management
Project Level Permissions
Domain Capture
Guest Access
Credit Card Payment
Invoicing (Annual plans only)
Custom Payment Terms
Self Hosted Deployment
Custom EULA
Customer Success Manager
Vendor Security Forms
Request Early Access
Frequently Asked Questions
Which users count toward the per-user pricing?

All users that can log in to your Stoplight workspace except guest users count toward the per-user pricing. Guest users are part of the Professional and Enterprise plans only. Anonymous users accessing your documentation are not counted toward the per-user pricing and are part of all plans.

What is a project?

A Stoplight project represents a Git repository. Projects can contain multiple API descriptions, schemas, documentation, and even your source code.

Which Git providers are supported by Stoplight?

Stoplight currently integrates with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. Support for other Git providers like Azure DevOps Server will be coming soon. Please check out our roadmap for more information.

Do you offer annual billing?

Yes! For annual billing, please contact us at [email protected]. The default billing cycle for Stoplight is monthly.

Do you offer discounts for Nonprofits or Open Source projects?

Yes! We offer a free Starter plan for Open Source projects or organizations involved in COVID-19 relief efforts, while Nonprofits can get our Starter plan at 50% off. Please contact us at [email protected] to get started.

What happens when adding users mid-cycle?

We’ll make a one-time, prorated charge to your credit card to cover new user accounts for the remainder of the current billing period. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, you will be billed for the upcoming month’s subscription-based on the exact number of Stoplight users.

How secure is the Stoplight platform?

Our hosted platform is monitored around the clock by a dedicated team of engineers. Our servers run on Google Kubernetes Engine and are configured in accordance with their recommended best practices, and all of the data we store is encrypted. Both the hosted platform and our on-premise artifacts receive security patches at least once a month (but often more). According to strict need-based policy, access to critical infrastructure and data is restricted to a handful of engineers. Our on-premise artifacts are designed to never
transfer or store sensitive data in cleartext, support running as non-root or with random UID, and are compatible
with Linux security systems like SELinux or AppArmor. We offer artifacts in several distributions and have experience
working with enterprise security teams to meet their unique requirements.

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