Open Source API Documentation Building Blocks

Build highly customized, interactive API Docs with embeddable web components generated from OpenAPI documents.

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Embed API Docs Anywhere

Whether you have an existing developer portal, or are working locally, you can use these components to add automatically generated API reference documentation that fits in seamlessly.

Powered by Standards

Leverage OpenAPI and JSON Schema to create beautiful, templated documents for even the most dynamic payloads, end encourage reuse with $ref.

Interactive API Console

Help developers get started faster by letting them test requests and responses within the documentation.

Code Samples

Do the heavy lifting for developers and kickstart integration by providing code samples in popular languages like Curl, Python, Ruby, Java, and many more.

Enhanced Markdown Support

Write rich tutotials and descriptions with Stoplight-flavored Markdown that gives the ability to add tabs, callouts, embed JSON examples, and much more.

Easy to Set Up

No build steps. Get started in minutes. Built on web components, it’s as easy as adding a tag within your project, and can be used with any framework.

Delightful DX

Help developers find and consume APIs faster with a customizable left navigation and three-column layout.

No Vendor Lock-In
Use any OpenAPI editor you like, not just Stoplight Studio. There's no vendor lock-in, just a seamless optional integration. Point Elements at your OpenAPI and Markdown files or to your Stoplight Workspace.

Starter Kits in Popular Frameworks
Not using one of these? Not a worry. You can use Elements in any HTML project.

Already Using Redoc or Swagger UI?

Stoplight Elements combines a great developer experience with best in class OpenAPI documentation. Moving from Redoc or Swagger-UI to Stoplight Elements is painless.

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