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Create beautiful, customizable, interactive hosted API documentation generated from your OpenAPI Specification

Our OpenAPI Documentation Tool

Create hosted API documentation online in minutes using our REST API documentation generator tool. Combine OpenAPI descriptions (formerly known as Swagger) with Markdown to create robust, searchable, internal and external API documentation for your organization. One-click cloud deployment with Stoplight or download the static assets to host anywhere.

Interactive API Documentation

Stoplight offers multiple ways for your API consumers to try out your API. Test Requests within your documentation allows consumers to understand how your API works. Code Examples generated from dozens of languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, cURL, and more allow consumers to copy and paste right into their own code.

Fully Customizable

Customize your documentation with Themes, Custom CSS, Pages, Domains, and Versioning. With fully customizable layouts, page design and our Markdown-based Editor, you can document multiple APIs and add rich content and resources alongside API reference documentation for a more complete view of your platform.

Automated API Documentation

Never have out-of-date documentation. Reference your OpenAPI Specification document to automatically generate API reference documentation. Use the Stoplight API to automate your documentation process by integrating it into your existing CI/CD workflow.

Simple, Flexible Deployment

With flexible and secure deployment options, you can find a hosting solution that works for you. Allow Stoplight to host your documentation for you, so you never have to worry about managing servers for your documentation ever again. Manage access control and measure analytics with integrations. Our enterprise ready documentation tool allows you to download the static assets or use our on-premise solutions behind your firewall to host your documentation from anywhere.

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