Automatic API Documentation & REST API Documentation

Automate your API Documentation Workflow

Publishing and maintaining API documentation is critical to your APIs’ adoption and future success. To promote this workflow, we created Stoplight Docs. Optimized for speed, Stoplight Docs allows you to auto-generate API documentation within minutes. Upload your OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) and instantly publish it to the web. Making changes to an existing specification? Stoplight immediately pushes those changes live to make sure internal and external stakeholders have the most up-to-date information available.

  • Stoplight automatic API documentation generates static documentation that gives you near instant load times and can be cached in the browser
  • Stoplight’s documentation tool makes it easy to add textual elements to your docs through a UI/UX designed for non-technical users
  • Focus on making the content, Stoplight will design your docs for you
  • Documentation can be served from anywhere, or hosted by us

Upload your specification into Stoplight and publish documentation instantly. Utilize Stoplight’s automatic REST api documentation tool to publish your specification directly into a new or existing website. Publish reference material and any other supplemental information as you see fit.

Documentation is a principal driving force for great UX. APIs require basic referential material for consumption, but great UX comes from all of the supplementary information you provide to your users. To support a holistic approach to documentation, we created an easy to use reference tool we call ‘Power a Page’. We pushed the limits of API documentation beyond specification and models to accommodate all of the secondary and tertiary information that can help drive good UX. This includes supplementary materials like images, videos, iFrames, and much more.

One of Stoplight’s central principles is providing a single source of truth. We applied this principle to documentation by adding a ‘Table of Contents’ feature. The table of contents is a birds-eye view of the structure of your docs that allows you to strategize and manipulate the structure of your docs at a moment’s notice.

Design & Document APIs with Stoplight