API Design, Planning & Modeling Tool

Build first-class APIs with a collaborative, powerful, visual editor that allows you to prototype and share your API within minutes

OpenAPI Designer

Start designing API in minutes using Stoplight’s API design tool. Use the OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) with Stoplight’s visual editor to design consistent and standardized REST APIs for your organization. Without writing any code, model complex APIs faster than ever while simultaneously getting feedback on your prototypes with our hosted mock servers.

Quick to Start

Get started quickly with API design-first principles. Import an existing API or start from scratch with a new API, zero coding required. The Visual Editor reduces time to get started on your API design by providing an intuitive UI.

Powerful, Visual Editor

Design an API with speed and efficiency from scratch. Stoplight’s Visual Editor decreases the learning curve so you don’t need to be an OpenAPI expert to create first-class API designs. Describe endpoints, headers, bodies, multiple responses, query string parameters, shared models, and much more.

Integrated, Hosted Mock Servers

Instantly prototype and collaborate on your API design with our integrated, hosted Mock Servers, powered by Prism. Mock a single API, multiple APIs, or even just a few endpoints. Increase efficiency by allowing your frontend teams to start implementation while the backend team develops the API.

Collaborative Design

Instantly share API prototypes, automated documentation, and hosted Mock Servers. Invite teammates, partners, and API consumers to view and collaborate on your API designs privately or publicly with Discussions. With one click export and programmatic access, you can use and share your specification document where ever you want.

Ready to Start Designing APIs?