OpenAPI powered mock servers for faster development.

Go to market faster with high quality APIs using instant mock servers.

Bring API designs to life with mocking.

Visualize and get feedback on your API designs before spending time on development. Let your frontend and backend teams develop in parallel with hosted mock servers. Stoplight complements your workflow by instantly creating mock servers from API descriptions.

Instantly convert OpenAPI documents to mock.

Create mock servers from OpenAPI files automatically, with support for advanced OpenAPI features.

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Get Early Feedback

Get feedback from consumers and stakeholders on API designs before development using interactive protoypes. This allows you to act on feedback and align stakeholders promptly, ensuring APIs fulfill consumer requirements and avoid unanticipated breaking changes later.

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Develop simultaneously with hosted mock servers.

Reduce time to market by letting frontend and backend teams develop simultaneously, without waiting for the development stage of the API to complete.

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Validate and test API designs.

Validate requests and responses against your OpenAPI file. Stoplight mocks simulate real server behavior by automatically validating incoming request headers, query strings, and request bodies against your OpenAPI description.

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Spin up lifelike APIs with dynamic mocking.

Testing against the same data over and over again is not the best way to build a robust integration. Dynamic mocking leverages fake data to simulate real server behavior by responding dynamically to requests.

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Develop faster with hosted mocks.