Stoplight Partners

Welcome to the official Stoplight referral and partner program! We are proud to offer incentives for customers, partners, and affiliates who want to share the benefits of a design-first approach to API development and recommend Stoplight.

Stoplight Customer Referrals

We love to hear when Stoplight users want to share the design-first API approach with others and we want to show our thanks. That’s why we established the Stoplight Customer Referral program. A current Stoplight subscriber (Admin/Owner of an annual plan) may be eligible for $50 account credit for a new Workspace subscription they refer to us.

Are you already using Stoplight and want to refer new subscribers?

  • Refer us to someone you think could benefit from Stoplight (who is not currently subscribed or subscribed in the past 6 months)
  • If you are the first person who refers them to us and if they become a paid Stoplight customer on any annual plan, we’ll credit your Workspace account for $50.

Are you a consultant, educator, or influencer, who would recommend Stoplight?

  • For individuals and organizations who provide services, education, or training in API design, but do not use the tool themselves, we want to work with you too!
  • The Stoplight Affiliate program seeks to engage third-parties who are leaders in the API space with materials and incentives to recommend Stoplight, where appropriate.
  • Sign up with us and, once approved, we’ll reach out to you to discuss opportunities to share information and expertise across our respective audiences.

Do you have a technology you are looking to integrate with Stoplight?

Get started!

Fill out the form below to get started. If your application is approved, a member of the Stoplight Marketing or Customer Success team will reach out and provide you with your unique code.

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Eligibility Details

1. In order to be eligible for the Stoplight Customer Referral program, “Referrers” must be:

  1. subscribed a Stoplight Workspace account on annual self-serve plan, and
  2. owner, admin, or billing admin for the account,
  3. approved through the Stoplight Partner Application,
  4. in possession of a valid, unique Referral Code provided by Stoplight, and
  5. referring a subscriber who completes the purchase of a new, Stoplight Workspace account annual plan (any self-serve tier or enterprise) using the unique referral code.

2. Referral Award amounts will be applied to the Referrers Workspace after:

  1. the referred person completes the purchase of a new Stoplight account using the referrers unique code,
  2. the referred Workspace account is active for at least one billing cycle, and
  3. credit amounts do not equal more than the Referrers Stoplight annual subscription or contract value.

3. Stoplight Referral Awards:

  1. are reconciled on a quarterly basis to the Referrers Stoplight Workspace account,
  2. are applied as a “Referral Award” on the Stoplight Statement,
  3. are not redeemable for cash, transferable, or otherwise available in any form or for any other service or subscription,
  4. expire after one year from the Referral Code issue date.

Note: Reapplication is easy! Just check the box on the form when you resubmit.