Using Hypermedia to Improve the Developer Experience

Using Hypermedia to Improve the Developer Experience

Michael Hibay has moved between huge companies with complex needs, and others that are just starting out. He says that some key lessons of API design are true for organizations of all sizes.


"I'd say there are two truths that are true regardless of scale. One, you need to design from the outside-in for your consumer. Two, you need to respect the laws of physics and design appropriately to be able to handle the complexity that comes when you inevitably run into it."

Michael Hibay
CTO at Vesti

Between September 2020 and April 2021, Michael was the Senior Engineering Manager at Capital One. He’s now CTO of startup Vesti, a social network and chat app for investors.

Michael believes that however big or small a company is, they should start designing APIs from the outside in. By that, he means design for the end user, and leave room for future additional complexity. This will save your developers time and effort creating APIs that ultimately don’t serve a business-centric purpose, and limit the issues you encounter as you scale.

On this episode of API Intersection, Michael talks about the pros and cons of hypermedia, why developers and the business side benefit from working together, and how to create a shared vocabulary that becomes the foundation of your organization’s API design.

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