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PagerDuty Case Study

PagerDuty's team set out on a mission to improve their internal developer's productivity, so they turned to Stoplight to improve their developer experience and revamp how they look...


eBay's API Strategy with Tanya Vlahovic

We sat down with Tanya to learn about the secrets to success, advice for those who are beginning to build an API program, and how to arm yourself with the right tools to scale.


Ultimate Guide to Style Guides feat. API Handyman, Arnaud Lauret

In our recent podcast episode, we covered the six major style guide tips that will improve your developer experience and level-up your API design.


wefox Case Study

Sergi Baños, wefox CTO, shares how they reduced the length of update cycles with Stoplight in order to deliver same-day API updates.


Using Hypermedia to Improve the Developer Experience

Michael Hibay, CTO at Vesti, shares some key lessons of API design are true for organizations of all sizes.


Calendly Case Study

Hear from Dmitry Pashkevich of Calendly, and how they used the Stoplight Platform to transform their organization's API strategy.


Stoplight Deep Dive: Design

API enthusiast Nauman Ali talks about the API Design-First philosophy, reusing components in Stoplight, API linting, reviewing and publishing API designs, developing against a mock...


Stoplight 101 Workshop

Stoplight Experts show you tips and tricks to take advantage of the full power of Stoplight. Learn how an API design-first methodology can be easy for everyone, not just technical ...


AMA: Spectral and Style Guides

Spectral can do a lot more than tell you if your OpenAPI is valid, it can tell all API designers if they're following your organization's API Style Guide or not, speeding up design...


Stoplight Workshop: Kickstart Your Workspace

Stoplight Experts show you how to set up your Git integrations, brand your Stoplight workspace, and configure visibility permissions.

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