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Testing APIs with OpenAPI Specification

Stoplight provides API integration testing tools for anyone building web APIs. API integration testing can come in a lot of forms. We focus on integration tests between API providers and consumers that expect that providers will return a pre-defined response based on a contract. With Stoplight, the contract is your OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) document.

We also call this β€œcontract testing.” Contract testing is writing tests that ensure the API implementation meets the standards and definitions described in a contract. Does your API response contain all the required properties? Are you getting the correct status code for certain requests? Stoplight provides a full testing suite built for contract testing and much more.

Integration Tests and API Design

In order to perform contract-based integration testing or contract testing on your API, you first need a contract. There’s no testing without it. Stoplight’s Design tooling can help you quickly model your API so you can test against your contract to make sure your API implementation works as designed. Contract testing helps build out robust test coverage that catches bugs faster and rapidly iterates the API development process.

Integrate Your API Testing with Your CI/CD Pipeline

Want to integrate Stoplight Testing into your continuous integration or deployment (CI/CD) pipeline with tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, or CircleCI and catch bugs before they get merged into your code base? No problem. You can run Stoplight test scenarios in scripts triggered by a URL, which assists in integrating Stoplight into your pull request review process and workflow.

Consistent APIs That Meet Business Goals

Great APIs have great developer experience and meet business goals. That’s why contract testing is so important. Stoplight empowers organizations to build more standardized and consistent APIs. Designing, testing, and documenting web APIs through the platform can help ensure you meet critical business goals, industry, and regulatory requirements. Stoplight can help manage technical debt across APIs with coverage reports and other testing tools that ensure APIs are built the way they are designed and meet the requirements of stakeholders.