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Test REST APIs with OpenAPI Specification

Stoplight provides free API testing tools for anyone building APIs for enterprise organizations. Our tools can make your OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) the Single Source of Truth within your organization. It has become increasingly important to develop highly flexible, performant, and powerful testing roadmaps to catch bugs faster and rapidly iterate in the API development process. Stoplight enables teams to do Contract Testing with the OpenAPI Specification, tests that ensure the API implementation meets the standards and definitions described in a contract or specification, throughout the development process.

On-premise Web API Testing Tools

Stoplight offers various API testing service options. You can use the hosted Stoplight web app, desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux, or various on-premise solutions. Our mock servers, powered by Prism, are also available to be run on the command line, a URL, or as a Docker container.

Stoplight will find a solution that works for your development stack, security requirements, and engineering workflow so that you can test APIs on your enterprise’s infrastructure.

Integrate Your API Testing with CI/CD

Want to integrate Stoplight Testing into your continuous integration or deployment (CI/CD) pipeline with tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, or CircleCI? No problem. You can run Stoplight test scenarios in scripts triggered by a URL. Our mock servers, powered by Prism, can also be triggered by a URL or installed with a Docker container. Have an on-premise CI/CD pipeline? Stoplight can integrate with it too.

Consistent Enterprise APIs That Meet Business Goals

The full API lifecycle must be tied to business goals. Your API is a product within your whole business offering. Why are you designing that API? What business goals is it contributing to? What customer pain point does it solve? Good design-first APIs start with defining your value proposition and identifying the stakeholders that it matters to. Then the API design can help you achieve these goals.

Stoplight empowers large organizations to build more standardized and consistent APIs. Designing, testing, and documenting web APIs through the platform can help ensure you meet critical business goals, industry, and regulatory requirements. Stoplight can help manage technical debt across APIs with coverage reports and other testing services that ensure APIs are built the way they are designed and meet the requirements of stakeholders.