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Stoplight provides a clean user interface and enables an engineering team to develop a compliant API with minimal difficulty. Other tools don't provide the same details, guard rails, and error validation that Stoplight provides.

Felix Sargent, Director of Engineering, MediaMath

Stoplight has been a serious game changer for JumpCloud’s API development! We love all the rich design, documentation and testing features, which has enabled us to design awesome APIs for our customers.

John Vajda, Product Manager, JumpCloud

I feel like Stoplight has the potential to shift the landscape pretty significantly, something I haven't seen any API service provider do in a while.

Kin Lane, API Evangelist

When it comes to specification markup and documentation, the order of magnitude has gone from days to hours.

Carlos Lozano, Senior Enterprise Architect, GFT Group

Thousands of Companies Use Stoplight To Streamline Their API & Microservices Workflow