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Hosted API Documentation tool

Stoplight provides a number of different options for hosting documentation and a flexible set of integrations and authorizations to fulfill all major use cases.

Hosting with Stoplight

Hosting your documentation with Stoplight is the simplest method for deploying your documentation and managing it. You can host on for free or use custom domains with a Standard or Pro docs plan. Changes are automatically made to documentation to ensure that they are up to date and Stoplight manages all the technical details for you.

Embed your Documentation into an Existing Website

There are two methods that will allow you to embed your documentation into an existing website. If you want to host your published Hub on Stoplight’s servers, you will need to set up a reverse proxy. If you want your Hub to live alongside your website’s files, you will need to download your Hub’s static assets and upload them with your website.

Generate and host your API documentation

If you would rather host your API documentation outside of Stoplight’s hosted servers, you can download a built version of your Hub with a Pro docs plan. Downloading a build will produce a .zip containing all of the minified assets necessary to load your Hub. These assets will include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JSON files.

Flexible Stoplight Solutions



Integrate your Stoplight documentation seamlessly with an easy-to-deploy Segment analytics integration.


Stoplight’s integration with Intercom brings your documentation into your support workflow, providing valuable information for your users while increasing support efficiency.

Google Analytics

Monitor your documentation’s traffic through Google Analytics integration.


Stoplight provides multiple ways to protect your documentation behind a form of authorization. These include basic authorization, SAML, and Auth0.

Basic Authorization

Stoplight provides basic authorization (username and password) to enable a layer of security for your documentation. Basic authorization allows you to provide any number of allowed usernames with associated passwords access to your documentation. This is particularly useful for internal or private documentation.


Stoplight includes a useful Auth0 integration for the popular, secure, authorization provider.