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Complete API Documentation

Documenting your API is critical to its success. To ensure that consumers of your API are successful, you must provide robust documentation. That’s why documenting your API with Stoplight doesn’t only include providing API reference documentation for your internal and external stakeholders, but also other forms of helper documentation such as overviews, guides for authentication, workflows, code samples, and SDKs.

Stoplight allows users to:

  • Expedite the process of documenting your API
  • Focus on content instead of design
  • Host documentation with Stoplight
  • Connect your API specification to your documentation
  • Create non-reference documentation, guides, and tutorials

Documentation Editor

To support a holistic approach to documentation, Stoplight’s Markdown API documentation editor allows you to write free-form documentation content. You aren’t restricted to a specific template. This is helpful for all kinds of helper documentation that you write alongside your OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) generated API reference docs. You can even write API tutorials based on your OpenAPI Specification. We pushed the limits of API documentation beyond specification and models to accommodate all of the secondary and tertiary information that can help drive good developer experience.

Customizable Features

Developers expect more than boring black and white Markdown REST API documentation. That’s why Stoplight allows you to customize your documentation with theming, custom CSS, and custom JavaScript. Make your documentation fit your own organization’s branding.


Theming allows you to easily modify color schemes and add textures to your documentation. There are four different theme settings that can be modified: Primary Color, Secondary Color, Background, and Texture.

Custom CSS

Want to make your documentation look more like the rest of your site? Add your own custom CSS to enhance your Hub’s look and feel.

Custom JavaScript

Add custom JavaScript to your documentation to further customize your documentation’s functionality. Utilize JavaScript elements like iFrames, animations, and visual effects to make unique, in-depth, documentation.