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Stoplight’s online API Documentation generator tool makes it easy to generate API documentation directly from your API specification. Upload your spec and voila! Generate API docs from an existing specification and publish them online immediately using our API docs tool.

Power a Page

Stoplight allows you to reference other sources to automatically populate your Hub with content. We call this β€œpowering” a page, subpage, or block. You can power a page, subpage, or block with a Markdown or OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger) document from the current file, a file from the current project, a file from another project, or a file from an external source.

Ensures Documentation Accuracy

One of the most common issues we wanted to solve was not only being able to generate API documentation, but also making sure it stays up-to-date and accurate. Many documentation solutions treat documentation separately from the API design process. This ultimately leads to out-of-date documentation due to changes to the API not being reflected in documentation. Stoplight connects your documentation to your API specification. Whenever you make a change to your API spec, the changes immediately get pushed to your documentation, so you never have out-of-date documentation again.

The Stoplight Design

Stoplight Documentation comes designed right out of the box. You don’t have to spend engineering bandwidth designing your documentation because Stoplight provides a modern minimalist design without any input from the user at all. If design is important to your organization, then we also offer three other methods for customization: theming, Custom CSS, and Custom JavaScript.


Theming brings your API documentation to life. It allows you to easily modify color schemes and add textures to your documentation. There are four different theme settings that can be modified: Primary Color, Secondary Color, Background, and Texture.

Custom CSS

Add style and flair to your documentation by adding Custom CSS. Want to embed your documentation into an existing site? Utilize Custom CSS to ensure the style matches your brand.

Custom JavaScript

Add custom JavaScript to your documentation to further customize your documentations’ functionality and aesthetic. Utilize JavaScript elements like iFrames, animations, and visual effects to make unique and in-depth documentation.