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Stoplight offers a number of enterprise solutions for creating internal and external API documentation that is secure, fits your companies branding, and can be hosted from anywhere. Utilize our API documentation professional tool on-premise or through our SaaS web and desktop applications.

Enterprise Security


Utilize Stoplight’s SAML integration to protect your documentation while granting access to members of your organization.


If your API is protected by OAuth, we’ve got you covered. Enable access through Stoplight’s integration.


Auth0, the popular authorization service, integrates seamlessly into your documentation to provide a layer of protection and security. Add a login form with user access management to your documentation.

Enterprise Branding & Design


Theming brings your API documentation to life. It allows you to easily modify color schemes and add textures to your documentation. There are four different theme settings that can be modified: Primary Color, Secondary Color, Background, and Texture.

Custom CSS

Stoplight’s documentation editor provides you the freedom to customize your documentation’s CSS and Javascript to fit any companies branding perfectly.

Enterprise Hosting

Embed your Documentation into an Existing Site

Stoplight offers the necessary tools to embed your documentation directly into an existing site.

Download the Static HTML & CSS

If you would rather host your documentation outside of Stoplight’s hosted servers, you can download a built version of your documentation. Downloading a build will produce a .zip containing all of the minified assets necessary to load your documentation. These assets will include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and JSON files.