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Generate Beautiful OpenAPI Documentation

Well-designed, beautiful documentation can subtly influence the way they are consumed. Design is important in all things but is particularly vital for objects of great complexity with a steep learning curve. Aesthetically pleasing, beautiful design has proven to influence the way users consume your documentation by increasing its perceived value and usefulness and diminishing the learning curve.

Perceived Value and Usefulness

When a user first visits your site, they will make a snap judgment based on overall aesthetics. If your documentation is perceived as cluttered, unmethodical, or inconsistent they will likely perceive it as untrustworthy or unfinished. If their snap judgment renders a positive verdict, then users will be more likely to have a positive experience and will have confidence in the quality of content and the company that created them.

Diminishing the Learning Curve

A users experience with documentation can affect the learning process positively or negatively depending on the way they are consumed. Well-designed documentation provides the user an easy method for achieving their goals. Design principles like easy-to-use navigation, recommendations, and clear, uncluttered layouts encourage positive experiences, decreasing the learning curve. The task at hand will be perceived as less difficult and the user will come away feeling good about their experience. If the documentation is poorly designed, users may become frustrated and discouraged which, in turn, will decrease motivation, steepening the learning curve.

Stoplight Documentation

Stoplight Documentation provides multiple methods for creating not only beautiful API documentation but also reference material that appeals to your users. You can modify design concepts like API documentation format and API documentation theme to create unique interactive API documentation. You can adjust your documentation design via Theming, Custom CSS, and Custom Javascript.


Theming brings your API documentation to life. It allows you to easily modify color schemes and add textures to your documentation. There are four different theme settings that can be modified: Primary Color, Secondary Color, Background, and Texture.

Custom CSS

Want to add some style and flair to your documentation? Add your own custom CSS to enhance your Hub’s look and feel.

Custom Javascript

Add custom Javascript to your documentation to further customize your documentations’ functionality and aesthetic. Utilize Javascript elements like iFrames, animations, and visual effects to make unique, in-depth, documentation.