Stoplight v4.7.0 Release

Stoplight v4.7.0 Release

OpenAPI Specification 3

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OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3

  • Create and edit OAS 3 files

  • Find and fix issues in OAS 3 documents using validation and linting rules

  • Publish auto-generated OAS 3 documentation

  • Visual editing coming soon!

OpenAPI 3 Editor β€” Code View with Validation and Linting

Auto-generated OpenAPI 3 Documentation

Fixes πŸ”§

  • [API] Publishing can lose references if GitLab times out

  • [Hubs] Segment key should be wrapped in quotes when injecting into HTML

  • [Hubs] Auto-generated links for nested pages are incorrect when published under a base path

  • [Platform] Discussion comment timestamps are incorrect in Safari

  • [Platform] String length validation is being stored as a string instead of an integer (#315)

  • [Platform] Prevent overwrites when editing documents (#283)

  • [Platform] Unable to single-click on draggable sidebar items

  • [Platform] Ensure correct billing plan when using features

  • [Platform] Can’t click possible enum values in path param

  • [Prism] Empty security array on an operation is not being respected

  • [Prism] $$.env variables are not being set correctly in referenced utilities (#347)

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