Stoplight v4.6.0 Releaseβ€Š

Stoplight v4.6.0 Releaseβ€Š

OpenAPI Specification Linting and Style Guides

New πŸš€

[OAS] OpenAPI Specification Style Guides

You can now customize the style and validation settings of your API design. This provides a practical method for enforcing API design rules over multiple APIs. You can enable or disable rules that monitor and validate things like your API, operations, Markdown, parameters, paths, and references. Learn more in the docs.

Example of OpenAPI Specification Style Guide
Example of OpenAPI Specification Style Guide

Personal plans are now free!

Newly created projects will default as private. If you are currently paying for a personal plan, please email us at billing@stoplight.io to migrate to a free plan.

Breaking πŸ’”

  • [Platform] We no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). We will continue to support IE 11 for published documentation, as well as all Microsoft Edge versions.

  • [Platform] We no longer support Firefox 50 or older. Similar to IE, we will continue to support older versions for published documentation.

Enhancements πŸ’ͺ

Fixes πŸ”§

  • [Projects] Some file types did not preserve content after importing

  • [Hubs] Could not preview a Hub without setting it as live (#327)

  • [Hubs] Published Hub navigation reset scroll on click (#263) (#301)

  • Password reset form did not issue a request to update the password

  • [Hubs] Intercom and Google Analytics scripts were not working correctly and will now be initialized in published Hubs

  • [Hubs] Problems with browser cache for custom CSS and search index files