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Update: v4.5.1 and v4.5.2 have also been released to squash from bugsπŸ› from v4.5.0.

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Discussions allow organizations to track and share conversations at the project and/or file level. They are particularly useful for tracking enhancements, bugs, issues, and tasks. Discussions are displayed in a Projects Home and within the Discussions toolbar. They are sorted by most recent activity.

Discussions Example
Discussions Example


Stoplight exposes an API that enables you to programmatically publish and unpublish documentation, download build zips, and modify a docs configuration. Additionally, you can retrieve a documents build list and configuration. This enables more advanced automation and integrations into existing workflows. For example, continuous integrations services such as Travis, Jenkins, and Circle CI.

Fixes πŸ”§

  • [Modeling] Requesting OAuth2.0 Access Token: Scope is missing in Form Data #276

  • [Modeling] Impossible to have an assertion testing the numeric value of 0 #279

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