Stoplight v4.10 Release

Stoplight v4.10 Release

LDAP SSO Support, Powershell Code Generation, Enhancements & Fixes

Stoplight v4.10.0 Release

Release files on GitHub

New πŸš€

LDAP SSO Support

We have enabled LDAP as an SSO provider.

Request Maker PowerShell Code Generation

This feature enables Power Shell as a code example for Request maker.

Enhancements πŸ’ͺ

  • [Scenarios] Updated the Scenarios Step Editor to prefix the selected operation with the default {$$.env.host} variable
  • [Modeling] Updated the behavior of generating examples from the schema to use the JSON example if available before defaulting to lorem ipsum
  • [Hubs] Updated the behavior of endpoint sorting for Hubs that will allow the user to force the endpoints to be sorted alphabetically. This can be accomplished by adding a property to the x-stoplight object in an OpenAPI document of β€œsortEndpoints” and it is set to true or false

Sorting Example

  • [Prism] Allow users to disable SSL certificate verification when proxying requests. Users can now add a CLI flag (–skip-verify, etc) that disables TLS verification when Prism proxies requests to an upstream URL

Fixes πŸ”§

  • [Modeling] Removed the ability to set a description on a ref
  • [Request Maker] Updated Request Maker to enforce protocol scheme if set globally in the specification
  • [Modeling] Updated designer to remove validate error messages when those errors are corrected
  • [Modeling] Non-unique operations IDs will now display as an error, not a warning
  • [Hubs] Enabled variable templating inside titles for Hubs
  • [Modeling] Addressed issue to allow copy-and-paste from our request/response objects
  • [Modeling] We were displaying the description for a model twice in the read view, we’ve corrected this to display only once