Stoplight v4.1.0 Release

Stoplight v4.1.0 Release

Fair Use Billing, Magic Links, Custom CSS, Landing Pages, Token Generation
Robert Wallach
Apr 30, 2018

New ๐Ÿš€

  • Fair Use Billing: Our paid plans now only count active members that have created a project or updated project files in the past 30 days. This better aligns cost to value, and results in a lower bill in all cases. Now your members will only be added to your bill if and when they start creating content on Stoplight. Unleash your Engineers!

  • Annual Billing: Save up to 20%

  • Magic Invite Links: Share it via email, Slack, and other channels to easily onboard members in your organization. Fair use billing means they wonโ€™t count until they actually start creating content. Abra Kadabra.

Custom CSS Custom CSS

  • Custom CSS: Add some custom style and flair to your documentation with Custom CSS.

  • Custom HTML Landing Pages: Create beautiful custom landing pages to greet and direct your users.

  • OAuth2 Token Generation in Hubโ€™s Try it Out*: If *your API is protected by OAuth2, you can now generate tokens to enable Try it Out block.

Enhancements ๐Ÿ’ช

  • Relative $refs: References from one file to another in the same project are now represented with relative URLs. For example, ./models/user.json instead of [https://exporter.stoplight.io/45/master/models/user.json](https://exporter.stoplight.io/45/master/models/user.json). This has a number of benefits, such as increased portability. It also sets the stage for better desktop local file editing and versioning.

  • Published Hubs now support Internet Explorer 11

Please reach out via chat or support@stoplight.io if you have any questions about the above changes.