Stoplight v1.4.2 Release

Stoplight v1.4.2 Release

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Studio v1.4.2

Stoplight Studio v1.4.2 is now available! Included in this patch release are several bug fixes. Read more below.

To download the latest version of Studio Desktop, visit the download page here. Studio Web is included in the latest release of Stoplight Platform.

Fixes Included in this Release

  • An issue where deleting files would sometimes result in an error has been resolved
  • An error where discarding a file that was currently open in the Write view would result in the editor disappearing has been resolved

Platform v1.4.2

Stoplight v1.4.2 is now available! This release includes several critical fixes to the Studio editor. Read more below.

To download the latest version of Stoplight Platform with Docker, use the β€œ1.4.2” image tag. Stoplight’s production and managed environments are automatically upgraded to the latest release.

Fixes Included in this Release

  • The embedded version of Studio has been updated to the v1.4.2 release.
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