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API Experts Share How They Organize Thousands of APIs and Microservices

We asked four API experts how they approach API governance, internal discovery, and the entire API lifecycle.

Adam DuVander
Feb 20, 2020
Companies Supporting Open-Source

A look at the ways companies use and support open-source projects.

Phil Sturgeon
Feb 11, 2020
Open Source Mock Server Gets Smarter

Stoplight's Prism supports callbacks, proxies, and even more validations.

Vincenzo Chianese
Feb 4, 2020
API Development Demystified

A Real-World Look at Building Great APIs

Adam DuVander
Jan 27, 2020
REST API Standards, Methods & Naming Conventions: Do They Even Exist?

A Look at API Architecture and Best Practices

Adam DuVander
Jan 22, 2020
Mocking Callbacks with OpenAPI and Prism

What are callback, why use them, and how to set them up using OpenAPI and Prism.

Karol Maciaszek
Dec 12, 2019
Automated Style Guides for REST, GraphQL and gRPC

Ask 100 developers where a semicolon should go, and you'll either get 100 answers, or a all-on-all fist fight. To save this from happening at work, most folks implement a style gui...

Phil Sturgeon
Nov 7, 2019
Using Studio OpenAPI GUI Designer - Your Webinar Questions Answered

Answers to your questions from the October '19 Webinar on Stoplight Studio OpenAPI GUI Designer.

Chris Lott
Oct 28, 2019
Announcing Stoplight Studio, Our Next Gen API Designer

Written from scratch with the modern development workflow in mind. Now with OpenAPI v3 support, and options to use your own version control system.

Marc MacLeod
Aug 21, 2019
Stoplight Launches API Visual Editor Aimed at Driving Scalable API Design-First Development

Stoplight, the enterprise API Design Management company, today announced the release of Stoplight Studio, a powerful new API visual editor.

Robert Wallach
Aug 20, 2019