A big v2 update, and goodbye to v1

A big v2 update, and goodbye to v1

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Thanks to all who participated in the beta of our version 2 tooling! We received a tremendous amount of feedback, and it was a great success. We’ve turned that feedback into our final big v2 update, which is rolling out today.

Important Dates

  • August 18th: Shutdown of v1, free beta of v2 ends (billing is enforced now).

  • August 19th, 9PM PST: 30 minutes of scheduled maintenance on the Stoplight app, during which it will not be available. Documentation hosted with API Docs will not be affected.

Updates to v2

This update combines the left nav and sidebars into a single column, with much clearer navigational elements. It also fixes a slew of bugs, and introduces a few new features, some of which include:

  • Shared models & design at the workspace level. While this was available in the initial v2 release, it was quite hidden and most users did not notice it.

  • Spec import when creating new API versions.

  • A new learn area.

  • A new prism settings panel.

Immediate Plans

We will be focusing our efforts on the following 5 areas:

  • Writing articles and producing videos, covering a variety of topics related to the Stoplight tooling.

  • Implementing long requested smaller features, some of which include custom (and multiple) mimetypes, and swagger extension support.

  • Improving our API specification support, and allowing for direct specification editing within Stoplight.

  • Improving API docs.

  • Github sync.

Please send questions or comments to @stoplightio or [email protected].

The Stoplight Team
Marc, Chris, Tom, and Vazha

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