About Stoplight

Stoplight enables all stakeholders working with APIs to be more productive

Our Mission

We believe in a design-first approach to API development, so we created products that provide a means for design-first development. Developing good design-first practices will minimize future costs, speed up your time to market and lead to more consistent, higher quality microservice and IoT applications.

Our Core Values

At Stoplight, we ground ourselves around three guiding principles that unite us. We do our best work when we’re empowered, collaborative, and moving forward with positive intent.

Be An Owner
When we see an opportunity to make an impact, we seize it.
Build Together
We trust in each other to add value and solve problems through teamwork.
Practice Mindfulness
We seek to understand by listening, inquiring, and responding thoughtfully.

Social Good

At Stoplight, we believe the positive impact we can make on the world isn’t limited to the API space. That’s why we work with organizations like Offset Earth, Urban Roots, and OSMI. Check out our Offset Earth Forest to learn how we offset the carbon footprint of every Stoplight employee and became a climate positive workforce.

Meet The Team

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, our team hails from across the US and Europe, and is united by our passion for APIs. From skeeball champions to rock climbers, tough mudders to restaurateurs, each and every member brings their own unique perspectives and experiences to the table. Thinking out of the box is our purpose - the weirder the better - and challenging the status quo is our culture.

Nauman Ali
Growth Engineer
Feras AlSaffar
Growth Engineer
Collin Bachi
Devops Engineer
Nicholas Cassera
Software Engineer
Vincenzo Chianese
Software Engineer
Filipe Costa
Director of Engineering
Scott Faust
Head of Growth
Deborah Garnel
Brandon Gatica
Business Operations Intern
Zee Hussain
DevOps Engineer
William Hilton
Software Engineer
Chelsea Hohmann
Software Engineer
Jakub Jankowski
Software Engineer
Chris Lott
Product Manager
Karol Maciaszek
Software Engineer
Marc MacLeod
Founder & CEO
Ross McDonald
Customer Success
Chris Miaskowski
Software Engineer
Michael Miaskowski
QA Engineer
Vazha Omanashvili
Software Engineer
Stephen Price
Solutions Consulting
Thomas Pytleski
Software Engineer
John 'JR' Razmus
Software Engineer
Dave Roberts
Customer Solutions
Tonia Roberts
Head of Sales
Jakub Rozek
Software Engineer
Sarah Spear
Software Engineer
Phil Sturgeon
Developer Advocate
Marcell Toth
Software Engineer
Paula Tulis
Software Engineer
Robert Wallach
Content & Support
Kristen White
Harrison Yeager
Head of Operations
Tamina Zaheri
Sales Development Rep

Businesses Love Stoplight


Having all the tools to model, test, and document our API in one place, and integrating it nicely along the entire CI/CD workflow process has been extremely helpful for us.

Evin Callahan
Cloud Architect

Stoplight provides a clean user interface and enables an engineering team to develop a compliant API with minimal difficulty. Other tools don’t provide the same details, guard rails, and error validation that Stoplight provides.

Felix Sargent
Director of Engineering

Our team roughly saves 15-20 hours a week. It makes it quicker to write, and the review process is quicker as well because we can go in and everybody can see the edits. We’re pretty impressed with Stoplight as a whole.

Tim Slagle
Manager of Developer Advocacy
Our Investors
Bill Wood Ventures
NextGen Venture Partners
Next Coast Ventures
Capital Factory
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